|In The Stillness|


Days like today, where my head is spinning with things that need to be done, but the Lord tenderly and my best friend firmly, both tell me to be still. 

I always feel so guilty when I know I need rest. Because there is always something that could be done, I feel obligated to always do it. When I know my absence adds more work to others, I feel bad for the inconvenience. So days like today, I am thankful when my body just shuts down and says no more. When rest is clearly the better option than to just keep going. 

The to do list can wait.

In this moment, for this day, I will agree to be still. So very thankful for days of rest. 



[Crave the Rose]


Well first… these are my absolute favorite flowers. I first laid eyes on a cabbage rose in 2008, and since then, I simply cannot get enough. 

Naturally I saw this picture and the cabbage rose caught my eye. Honestly, I would attempt at reading a physics equation if it had a cabbage rose on the paper. 

“But he who dares not grasp the thorn,                                                                         should never crave the rose.” – Anne Bronte

I mean, can we say boom?? That one hit me right in the noggin. So easily I want the rose. A whole bouquet of them. I forget that sometimes to get what you really want or reach a goal you aspire to complete, it takes hard work. Sometimes it hurts. But to crave the rose, means you’re wiling to grasp the thorn. Praying that God doesn’t give me protection from the thorns, only perseverance through the pain. 


Freebie: |Be Kind|

I’ve heard this quote before, but each time I see it, it hits me right in the gut in the exact moment I need it. It’s so true that being kind is so much more than just being nice. It requires thought & patience especially when the niceness doesn’t come easy. I love this freebie from Clever Betty. Can’t wait to print this puppy out and hang it where I’ll see it when I need it most (maybe my steering wheel? cause we all know that’s where kindness becomes REALLY difficult!) I hope you enjoy too!


I pray you find the joy in being kind.. even when it is most difficult, and that you will fight to love others through their battles.