A Montevallo Monday

Although I am incredibly excited about T Swift’s new album coming out today… I have to admit I might be even more excited about this fella’s album. If I have to choose one to purchase, his is a no brainer. Do yourself a favor and go purchase the album. Seriously, the whole thing. I’m not one to commit to a whole album. Needtobreathe might be the only artist I have several complete albums of. But I could either buy this album all in one swoop or individually buy each track, either way every song is legit. Maybe listen to track 10 on repeat.


Every morning as we drive to work (yes I get to carpool with my best friend.. life is sweet), we listen to the Bobby Bones show. We loved Bobby to start with, but then he brought Sam on last week. Let’s just say Bobby has a total bro crush on Sam. He loves him. And you should love him too.