DIY Place Cards for Practically Pennies

This week Alex and I hosted a supper club at our house! It was such a sweet time of meaningful convos, laughs that make your stomach hurt, and food that was for the most part delicious (see more on these whoops below). 

The part I was most excited about were the place cards. They were nothing super inventive or at all original, but they were easy, cheap, and black & gold #mylovelanguage. I bought a black white and gold neck pillow for a trip I am going on, and as I stood in a room filled with black, white & gold, my sweet roommate smiled a little smirk and said “looks just like you”. Ain’t she sweet to notice. 

We found the black & gold tags in the dollar section at Target – 8 for a dollar… can’t beat that! Not to mention it came with a black & white ribbon… it was meant to be. And then the mini pumpkins were $.69 at Trader Joe’s. Place cards for a total of $.82 is a win in my book. 


Two lessons learned: – mozzerella does not melt and make queso- it will be in a block when you try and scoop it. – make sure you add sugar to your fruit dip! 



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