DIY Feather Art

I know absolutely nothing about art. I shamefully admit that I walked through the Vatican with no knowledge in how to appreciate some of the most famous art in the world… instead we tried to find the best statues to imitate. Shameful I know. But when looking for something to fill a frame, I knew I didn’t want a picture. I also, know that my painting skills are limited and stick figures are only cute when a child draws them. So naturally I saw the pack of unused white feathers as my next victim. I might as well deem 2014 the year of the gold dipped feather. photo 1


Yall, my sister is the best person to shop with. She has an eye for deals and design. She could seriously have her on HGTV show and I would map out my week just so I could plan to watch in amazement. I would like to say I have learned a thing or two… but all I have learned is that I will never spot the fancy finds like she does! 

While shopping with her a few weeks ago, I found okay lets be honest, she found a target frame for like $3 at the Goodwill (insert fist pump here!). She knew I would love it…she good like that. 

So here it is, gold spray painted feather in my Goodwill frame = poor white girl art. Holla! I love it and was the last simple touch that my bedside needed, but I love it even more because part of it is my sister. When I look at it I don’t think “wow I love my feather”. I get to think about how cool and thrifty my sister is and pray that she rubs off on me some more. 

PS. When taking pictures of your spray painted art… take the glass out. It will save 30 minutes of wasted effort of avoiding glares on the glass. This might have been obvious to most, but we all know I make things harder than they have to be.

photo 3

photo 4

photo 2


PS. see that bedside drawer? Tutorial coming soon on how Alex (and her entire family) and I made a real life Pinterest win (cause lets be honest… they don’t always turn into wins). 




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