|26 in the Mix|

As I am approaching my 26th birthday tomorrow, I looked back on pictures of birthdays past. As I looked through the memories, I can remember lessons I learned during those stages of life. Even if I didn’t realize it at the time!

Lesson #1: To get the ideal birthday picture, position yourself smack dab in the middle of a group and then prop your leg up for good measure.
Lesson #2: When planning a party, matching visors are a necessity.

Lesson #3: When choosing a party outfit, a vest is always clutch.

Lesson #4: Keep friends who agree to dress up with you and go out in public.

Lesson #5: There are places that always feel like home and people feel like family. Go there often.


Lesson #6: Learn to listen and value what your friends say.

Lesson #7: Eat cake the size of your face.


Lesson #8: Don’t start going to the tanning bed… Ever.
Lesson #8: Find friends that love you in your mess not just your best.


P.S. As I look back on birthdays from the past, I am keenly aware at how graciously my dad didn’t just share his day.. He gave it up completely! Thank you dad. I’m sorry you had lambchop themed birthday parties to celebrate your day too! I am so thankful to share Oct 4th with you!


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