| Get Your Fall On |

This past weekend was a Mary Poppins kind of weekend. Practically perfect in every way. 

After a very busy couple of months, this past weekend all of my favorite things collided. Long hours, full days, crisp air, pumpkin candles, and time passing movies that provided such rest. Now I can’t live every weekend like the last, mostly because I would get bored. But it was such a needed weekend of productive rest (is that event possible?!).

Fall is my absolute favorite. Every year when spring hits, the prettiest flowers start tellin me lies of how I could love another season more than fall, but the second that the temperatures drop, my neighbors light a bonfire, and country music sounds even better in the company of boots and scarves… I know… I know fall is home.

In attempts to a simple season and using things I already had, I was thrilled to only have to buy 2 $5 pumpkins and then use supplies of old that never found a home. (You know that time you buy 32 white feathers when you actually only needed one. I won’t confess what Alex said she would done if she just needed one feather!). But as if I didn’t already bleed black, white & gold… It was time to get my fall on. 





fall3Now come on and pop on by, we will drink cider and watch Hallmark (that’s the rules). 






Credits: canvas painting inspired by Lindsay Letters… LOVE her stuff!







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