Charleston Weekend: Living & Loving Now

Weekends like the last are some of the sweetest in life. A spontaneous trip to Charleston turned into a mini college reunion and my heart was just overjoyed. Seeing so many faces I hadn’t seen in 2 years and spending intentional time with friends that I have had that length of time in way too long, was just what this girl needed.


Our days were filled with laughter, long versions of what is going on (cause when time isn’t an issue… you need ALL the details), and heart challenging convos that leave me thinking long after our time is over.


What’s next? When are you getting engaged? When are y’all having kids? Are you staying in Charleston? Are you staying in Raleigh? How long do you want to work at ______ job? As a collective group of girls this weekend, we shared how these questions have constantly bombarded us…. probably longer than we realized and definitely longer than we hoped. Not necessarily asking each other these questions, but realizing how much of our lives have been & will continue to be in a phase of what’s next. 


There were times this weekend where people would genuinely be excited to hear about life & how its been the last few years. I love those times. Other times where I felt the need to justify, make up, or ask their opinion on what I should be doing when I felt like my answers just couldn’t satisfy their quest to figure us out. Those times I love less but at least they care to ask. And then the best of times where the friends you wish you could hug everyday, squeal when they see you, rejoice in seasons of joy & mourn in seasons that you wouldn’t choose…. those are the friends that stick. Not because they make it easy. Honestly, sometimes their questions are the hardest and their approval is the most desired, but in the end you love each other through the mess, the questions & the trials of the “what now” not necessarily consuming conversations of “what’s next”. 


I left this weekend with not only more insight to my friend’s hearts, but also lessons learned from the seasons they are in. From the realities of dating, the lessons of marriage, inconceivable futures, job searching, moves across town & some times states… all of the seasons we are in challenged my own heart.

Instead of asking people the what’s next, I think sometimes throwing in a “what do you love right now?” would throw us off and sometimes instantly change our perspective. I don’t believe I have good perspective on my own… I believe that only comes from the Lord because my nature is to see the bad or the times I am not getting my way. But I do think the effort of practicing to see good perspective comes with choosing to think on those things.

I LOVE right now because: 

  • living with 11 housemates 
  • working with people I love and a great boss (most of America can’t say that one… I know I have a good thing where I am at) 
  • a nephew to adore… (fingers crossed I hear my name or some version of it soon…but i love the season he is in now) 

I have no idea what’s next. And I LOVE that. 



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