|Watching the Earth Melt|

Who am I, that He would choose to use me?

Some days, in my pride I think He is lucky. Other days, I think that He is being paid by someone to put up with me. But everyday I have to remind myself that neither are true. He chose me once and for all and with that act of love and redemption to my helpless state, He continues to choose me despite how good or not so good I’m actin that day.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be used by God. I don’t deserve it. He doesn’t need me. But I am so glad He delights in our giftings and calls us according to His plan and purpose to bring His name to all nations.

This coming November, I get the joy of going to Thailand with a group of women. I would humbly ask for your prayers for this trip. I am completely thrilled to be a part of this spunky, all-female team. My first experience going on a short term trip was with an all-female trip. There is something special and deeply profound in the relationships that can be formed when you are with a group of just women. God has used every trip to open my eyes bigger to Him and every experience I am thankful for, whether all female trips or co-ed, He has used to break down misbeliefs in my own heart and show me more of Him. But I am tickled to death that He put this desire in my heart to see a group of women go and serve women in another culture.

What will we be doing? 

Simply put….we are going to encourage local field partners as they are faithfully answering the call of God to serve where He has placed them. At the same time, seeing more and more how the one true God continually pursues His people, whether we are in Thailand or in the states. Thats it! That is our goal. This trip is not about us. We are going to love our brothers and sisters that are serving in a context that is much different than our own.

Their ministry consists of showing the love of Christ to the women, men and children in Thailand, specifically in the red light district. Where we are going is one of the most strategic places in the world for this type of ministry. No country is immune to the sex industry. No person is immune to the temptations of the industry. And those trapped in the district whether the entrapment is obvious or not, is a precious child of God. Their condition is no different than mine. Their hearts are no further from God than mine was when He called me to Himself. But we have the truth that no life is fulfilling outside the love of Christ. This is the message we are bringing. The hope of Christ.

Christ in us is all we have to offer.
     “The nations rage, the kingdoms totter; He utters His voice,                                              the Earth melts.”                                                                                                               – Psalm 46:6
thailand 2

Will you join us in praying?

  • Pray for wisdom as we ask God what His plans are for this trip 
  • Pray for team unity & for deep and authentic relationships to form 
  • Pray for the field partners- that they would see fruit in their faithfulness and feel the love of Christ poured out over them 
  • Most of all- pray for heart change not necessarily condition change. We are not going with the goal of removing them from the district. We are going with the prayer that the Spirit will move their hearts from death to life. 
  • Pray for the logistics and funding, that each team member will trust God through the process and that He will break down areas where we are leaning on ourselves and not Him. 

I look forward in eager anticipation of getting to share what we witness God doing in the lives of the women & children that we meet during our time. Thank you for being a part of this trip by being faithful and covering us every step of the way through prayer. 






[If you would like to prayerfully consider helping fundraise this trip, I am halfway to meeting my Sept 5th deadline of 75% of the trip! You can either make your tax deductible donation online or through the good ol snail mail. Click here to give online . When you get into the online giving site, while completing the information, be sure to include in the “other, please explain” section that it is for “Thailand 2- Jillian Boland” . If you would like to give through the mail, you can mail a check made out to The Summit Church with a note attached that states the amount given is for “Thailand 2- Jillian Boland”. Thank you for considering be a part of this trip and helping the Gospel go forth.]

Questioning effectiveness? Doubtful you can go? Concerned about money? Here is a great blog post from our Pastor J.D. that brings clarity to the importance of short term trips & what that means for each believer.


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