|Overcommitment to Fear of Commitment|

The self acknowledged, ridiculous 10 month long search for tennis shoes has ended. 

I am fully aware of how ridiculous the amount of time it has taken me to land on a pair of shoes. I didn’t have lofty expectations that I would find a pair that would make me fly or fix my hair for me in the morning.. but I did however find any reason to not be satisfied with any pair I saw (and eventually bought). Thats right, landed on a pair around month 7, when I went to put them on at home, the color scheme didn’t match any of my workout clothes. OBSURD. The audacity of the tennis shoes to not color coordinate with my wardrobe, how dare they. I really know how to be committed to never wanting to commit. 

So naturally I returned them and continued the search. Finally, one of my peoples on Instagram (that I don’t know in real life) posted a pair that she wanted so naturally because I think she is cool, I wanted them. I found them, bought them, love them and have thrown away the box so I can’t return them. 

image-26 copy


Now I know I need to examine my heart because clearly this pattern is pointing to a bigger issue (no, tennis shoes were not the first victim of my purchase scrutiny).  But for now, I’m hollering a hallelujah and amen, the shoe search has come to an end. 



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