Camp Aunt Jilly |2014|

I’ve waited all year for Camp Aunt Jilly. This was a weekend that was thrown out at first as just a fun idea, but that fun idea just blossomed in my heart as the perfect time for me to spend with my only nephew.


I sometimes go overboard with ideas, but I just couldn’t stop pinning. One day at work, Emerson’s camp romper came in the mail and as I was showing one of my co-workers, she said “is he into this?”. He’s 1, mind you. So I giggled knowing she wasn’t serious, and said no, but he will be one day! Then I just truthfully told her, “loving Emerson, is just one more big way of me loving my sister”. By loving her child like he was my own, planning time to spend with him, rejoicing with her in the exciting times and giving her a hug when its hard being a mom… I am loving her. I’m not always good at it, but I am thankful for Emerson, because he gave me one more (REALLY big and really cute) reason to love my sister.

What a crazy, and in many ways unexpected weekend Camp AJ was. Here’s just a glimpse into the festivities of camp.


village.png IMG_6205




Emerson Grey- sweet boy. I LOVED our weekend together. I pray it is the first of many Camp AJ’s. You were so snuggly, and playful. Easily entertained by Winnie the Pooh & Elmo. You didn’t want to be put down for a second… but I didn’t mind 🙂 . You had a massive day of blowouts, which included one explosion landing on my arm (ask your mother, she will remember). You had your first taste of cheesecake. And the highlight of the weekend was your duck face. You constantly practiced your duck face 🙂 Love you, E. 





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