|The Hair Fail of 2014|

I’m not one to shy away from doing something different with my hair. Typically I am too cheap though so it ends up me convincing Al to take some bleach and discretely add a little hair flare. 

Well…. last week, I was so done with my hair and needed it chopped off  barely trimmed with drastic layers, that I was desperate for any sort of change. I hate spending money on hair and didn’t want to go to my regular salon so I went with one of the hair schools in the area. I’ve had my hair cut at these schools for several years now and generally they do a good job. I thought though, to make it extra different I would get a few strands of color put in. So I poured through the pages of Pinterest and found the perfect picture that I knew my hair would look nothing like, but maybe she would get it somewhere near the same family? After the 4 hours in the salon, the instructor asked if there was anything I wanted to change… “um yes sir, everything”. But instead I just said “nope, looks great” which is code for “get me outta here!”. See for yourself. 

I title this picture: “the hair that never was mine”

hairI title this picture: “the hair that was mine” 

PicMonkey CollageI title this picture: “the hair that was my fix.” 

image-2One box of $3 color later, it at least doesn’t look like my hair got caught in a washing machine full of bleach. I like brown, I think I’ll stick with brown hair. Happy leave your hair alone Friday to me!





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