|Fancy Seein’ You Here|

The awkward moment when you run into your instructor from the gym that you haven’t seen in several weeks….



This pretty much sums up my face tonight as I ran into my favorite Zumba instructor at Panera. Immediately I felt like I had to word vomit where I had been the past couple Thursday nights. Confessing I have switched to working out in the morning, giving him a list of all the things I’ve had come up on Thursdays nights, and almost being tempted to lie and pretend I’m in college and have class on Thursday nights (thankfully the Lord stopped my mouth from moving before it got this far). I’m surprised I didn’t retract back to 2007 and throw up a classic awkward turtle hand gesture. I’m sure he was thinking “I was just saying hey” and probably knows more about my life than he ever wanted. 

Here’s to being known when you don’t want to be and being awkward in the most wonderful ways. Almost the weekend, right?



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