This is my forewarning, if you are at all a crier like me, this might just make you ball your eyes out. The fact that I watched 2 Hallmark movies today probably didn’t help, but nonetheless, this will get you! Either way, you’ve been warned. 

I recently saw this short filmed shared online. Glancing at the title I had a guess at what the film was about, but had no idea the rawness it would show into a world that I have no understanding of or can even fathom. Watch it for yourself. 

Now I don’t know about you, but that film just about messed me up. I was glad to see the short film won many 168 Film Festival awards including Best Film in 2013. I do think this film was very deserving of that recognition and was really well made. The sweet main character was a first time actress and boy, was she good!

Unfortunately, this is a part of our society that goes untalked about. It’s definitely an area that I have seen for it to be easier to just not think about it, cause when I think about it, I feel about it, and when I start to feel about something, I start wondering what in the world can I do about it. 

In this moment, the only thing I know to do is pray: 

  • pray for the children trapped in homes and not yet rescued- pray that they know the love of Christ despite the pain they are enduring 
  • pray for the children that are in the foster care system. On any given day, there is around 400,000 children in out-of-home care. To put that in to perspective for me- Raleigh, NC has a population of just around 420,000.
  • pray for those willing to care for these children- that they know Christ and can show them the love of a Savior who heals and redeems all.
  • pray for the parents- abuse and neglect will not end until the parents hearts are changed. As much as I am praying for healing and new life for these children, I pray for that for their parents as well. 

I am very impressed with this film and the platform it is providing in our society. I hope you will share it with others if you are compelled to do so!



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