I have wanted to take a calligraphy class for quite some time and was overjoyed when I saw that Southern Weddings  was hosting Lauren Essl, from Blue Eye Brown Eye for a few of her amazing workshops. I had done some research and every workshop I had found was either too far geographically or too far out of my budget. This was the perfect match- the workshop was just down the road in Chapel Hill and was right in my budget! 

The sad news... by the time I saw the info about the workshops, it was all sold out! Joy & sorrow never rushed into my heart so quickly. (exaggeration? I wish. ) So I put myself on the waiting list, but had little hope that a spot would open up. 

Lo and behold, a spot opened up and I had a full on conniption. I am so quick to forget that God loves to give good gifts. He loves to see His children excited and just do things for us just to make us smile. So easily I forget that. 

Let me tell you, my heart just felt like God sprinkled the prettiest, most colorful glitter on it this week. I loved the class and all the sweet faces that I had the pleasure of meeting. I would highly recommend this workshop to any beginner. I am thankful for the chance to get a glimpse of this skill and can’t wait to keep practicing! 



And yes… I might have painted my nails to match the workshop. Maybe.



Now for the practicing 🙂 



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