Yum or Yuck? |Black Bean Brownies|

Yes. You read it right. Black bean brownies. No butter. No flour. Basically no fun at all. But I just couldn’t believe you could make brownies out of black beans. Boy was I wrong. 




Now before I say anything, let me just say I am probably way too biased and really only like one brand of brownies (Ghirardelli dark chocolate to be exact), but I saw this recipe and I just had to try it.  I will say I was pleasantly surprise by the taste, they actually did taste like brownies. I however couldn’t get past the texture. I’m a texture girl in general, I can’t handle seeds or pulp or any of the sorts… but if I’m going to spend the calories on something sweet, I gotta love it. And for that reason alone, this one was a yuck for me. BUT a girl at work made it and loved it. So again, I’m probably too biased, but there ya go. If I had to be gluten free, this would definitely be a go to sweet treat. 



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