Book Rec: “Salvaging My Identity”

If you are- teen, college, young adult female…or a mom, grandma, aunt, or friend of one.. I highly recommend this book. For several years I looked for a book/devo to give girls that was culturally relevant but Gospel saturated.. and this is it. Salvaging My Identity by by Rachel Lovingood & Jennifer Mills hits hard with truth on all the lies this world is feeding us. This is a great practical resource for you or someone you know learning what it means to love Jesus as a young woman in this world. 

salvageHere are the topics covered just to give you an idea of how thorough this book is:

  • acceptance
  • appearance/image obsession
  • failure/shame
  • discontentment
  • false expectations
  • lying
  • cheating
  • broken promises
  • hypocrisy
  • manipulation
  • isolation
  • conflict
  • gossip
  • social media attacks
  • peer pressure
  • self-harm & addictions
  • sexy influences
  • your look
  • premarital sex
  • destructive words
  • fear & anxiety
  • rejection
  • grudges
  • worry
  • worldliness
  • anger
  • frustration with relationships
  • frustration with God
  • feeling misunderstood
  • instant gratification
  • misplaced affections
  • insincere worship
  • habitual sin
  • inconsistency
  • mediocrity
  • apathy 
  • self-centeredness
  • insecurity
  • depression
  • burnout 

Think that about covers it?

* note: this is a wonderful book and can be beneficial just to read individually, but the book is designed to be used with a friend or small group. Find someone to read it with you or be willing to work through the book with whoever you give it to! Our 9-12th grade girls are studying right now and loving it. Hope you do too! 

buy it here



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