Give Thanks- 2013

What a wonderful few days…from Easley, South GA, & Charleston- the Thanksgiving 2013 tour was busy but fun! Thankful for a family that I don’t deserve. One that loves, laughs and eats lots of good food (minus the oysters.. yuck). Just a few highlights of my time with these precious people.


the view from the porch of Morning Glory. I love this place- where I feel most at peace.


Oh I love this little boy… thankful for time in Charleston with him and his momma.


My momma is a rockstar, all star momma.. thankful to share the thanksgiving tour with her in the driver & passenger seat. We drove hundreds of miles together and laughed the whole way.


Some of the grands and great grands with Granny. Missing very precious people in this picture but grateful for the time with cousins.


The women pretending to partake in the oysters.


all the cousins helping put up Groovy Bob… took forever racing against the sun, but we made it!


Learning how to be a great aunt for how much these kids adore their Auntie MK.


Being this kid’s aunt is one of my greatest joys in life right now. Love watching him grow.


Emerson rocking the suspenders from Rome! Granddaddy would be proud.

Another Thanksgiving for the books. Can’t wait for the day when all the family can be in one place together!

“The root of joy is gratefulness.”

– David Steindl-Rast



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