{1 week ago}

1 week ago today, our family changed forever. Our family changed for the better. This precious baby boy is 1 week old today.

1 week old

April 12, 2013… Emerson Grey entered this world. This world for our family became fuller, filled with more joy than our family has seen in a long time. 2012 was a rough year- a year full of things I’d rather not experience again. But with 2012 ending- 2013 began and I had HIGH hopes for 2013. The birth of this sweet boy has far surpassed anything I could have dream, prayed, or asked for in 2013. The birth of Emerson made everything our family went through in 2012 worth it. He is worth it. He is such a blessing and proof of God’s faithfulness in Emily’s life and our family. This little boy was so prayed for every step of the way, and through every hurdle, God brought him here safely. He didn’t have to bring Emerson here safely, or at all, but He did. I know He did because He has great plans for this little boy and his mama. God knew Emerson would be worth it. 



My sister, Emily (Emerson’s hip mom), had a rough pregnancy, full of highs and lows. I have never seen someone persevere like she did, maybe ever in my life.  This is a girl that went from running at the sight of needles and doctors, to telling every doctor & nurse at the hospital how her labor was about to go down. The nurses were telling her she had a 15 hour labor ahead of her, she told them he’d be out by lunch- Emerson was born at 12:46 pm. Sometimes, mommas really do know best.


Lil Mama- you took this pregnancy & labor like a champ. Em- you are braver, stronger, & smarter than you ever give yourself credit for. Emerson is so lucky to have you as his momma, best friend, biggest fan & role model. I’ve never been more proud of you. 


And Pop & Lollie might be a little smitten by Emerson..





I might be a tiny bit smitten too…




How could we not be overjoyed, smitten, beaming, glowing, grinning, cheesing, thrilled over this precious little boy?? 


He’s a keeper. Happy 1 week little buddy. Can’t wait for a million more. Love you forever and ever!



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