>> New Shop: Freedom Shop <<

After a year of knowing I should do something and wondering what I could do, I have now opened Freedom Shop on Etsy. Passion 2012 completely opened my eyes and burdened my heart for those that are trapped in human trafficking. Hearing story after story, I knew that even though I am not called to move (right now) to be the one rescuing, I could do something to support those who were actively on the field. I got into a place where I felt overwhelmed by the need and honestly got a kick in the rear at Passion 2013 this year. It took a year till I came back to the place that first pierced my heart and felt convicted over my lack of action. 

Christine Caine is by far one of my modern day heroes. Her heart behind the work of The A21 Campaign compels me to ask “what can I do?”. I love crafts. I love making something with a meaning. Thankful that God has provided a way to support this ministry and provide awareness to the cause. Click the A21 banner below to check out more info on how God is using A21 to rescue and restore victims.


“Just because you can’t do everything doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something. Your one thing is the missing thing”. -Christine Caine 

Below are a few items in the shop. Some parts of the items are made with materials found in thrift stores and antique markets. I love the idea of taking something, and recreating it with a new purpose.






Make your something count for someone. Do something today that could make a difference in the life of others! 

Happy Freedom Shopping! 



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