Growing Pains

I have been absent from this place of written refuge for about a month but with great reason. Over the past month I have quit my job, moved states, and started over in an unfamiliar place. This season has completely stretched me in ways that I did not expect.

It has been a desire of mine to move to Raleigh NC for almost 3 years. The reason has been surprising to many and has stretched me to admit to some. I moved primarily for a church, The Summit Church to be exact. I love Charleston, I love East Cooper Baptist and the family I have there. It was not an easy place to leave but definitely one that I knew God was calling and preparing me for. I have visited this sweet place called the triangle for a few years, coming in town for concerts, football games, etc. Every time I would visit we would make it a point to attend Summit Church. It became reality about 9 months ago. Through a long process of prayer, affirmation of others in my life, and God opening door after door.. I packed my bags and moved! What a scary but exciting month it has been.

Oh and my best friend moved too. If this wasn’t an already exciting and overly blessed season.. I get my best friend throughout this time. We both wanted to come here for different but similar reasons. Throughout the process we each thought the other was going to be somewhere else and we had to make the decision that we would go alone. Now, even though I had decided I would, I am so thankful I didn’t have to do it!

These pictures were taken almost a year ago when we came to visit for a concert. Little did we know a year later that our silly desires to move here would become a reality. Crossing over state lines with my best friend.

One of the most unexpected blessings of this season so far is my amazing roommates. I have to admit that was one of my biggest fears in the move, living with 5 girls ( 4 of which I didn’t know)! Our house is full of personality and laughter. I haven’t laughed this hard in a group of girls in a while. I have made fast friends with these ladies and I dearly love them. More to come on these amazing ladies but just know our house rocks. Oh and it is purple.

The greatest blessing of this move so far is what I have learned about my God and His desire and ability to provide for His children. This past month has been some of the hardest but sweetest times in my walk with Jesus. I have had to fully rely on Him and my identity in Him alone and nothing that I have done. I didn’t realize how complacent and reliant on myself I had become until the move. I know that I can’t move every few years to prevent complacency but I know that I want to live life with the knowledge that relying on God brings far greater joy that I could ever do on my own. I am praying that I don’t forget that. I don’t know where He is taking me next. It could be a mile down the road for the next few decades or this could be a quick stop on this journey, but I know that the journey is sweeter with my Savior leading the way. Here’s to this new season. 

My anthem for this season/ new favorite song at The Summit (from Elevation Worship) 

“Give me faith, to trust what You say 

That Your Good, and Your love is great 

I’m broken inside, I give you my life. 

I may be weak, but your Spirit’s strong in me

My flesh may fail, but my God you never will.”


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