Working in My Absence

This week we got an update from Karis, the journey(wo)man that we worked with while in Kolkata, India. I love seeing updates on what God is still doing there and how the lives we had the pleasure to meet are still being encountered by an awesome God. This update was a little sweeter. Below is a link to a video showing what the train station life is like and the men walking faithfully with God along those tracks to provide a way of freedom. The boys we met while in Kolkata had been rescued from a train station and offered the choice to live in this couples home. The train stations in India are a place that kids will run away too, join gangs, get addicted to drugs, etc. It is a scary place as the boys explained to us very candidly in our time with them. Karis’ home church went to Kolkata and recorded part of their time and gave a glimpse into the life at the train station. This is something that we did not see while in Kolkata as I could imagine it would not be a safe place to take 12 white American women (we might stick out a little!). We only saw the boys that the Lord had mercy on and placed them in this loving, Christian home. It truly opened my eyes to see where the boys we had met once lived, begged, killed & cried.

Next I read an update on the boys and an article was attached that spoke primarily about Khalil*- the oldest boy in the home that we met. Amazing to read more of his story and past before the train station. Click on the picture to read the article!

Photo belongs to Graham Hill of IMB

 Now the part that just gave me chills and filled my eyes with tears. When we met the boys from the train station, we knew there was going to be a girls home opening soon. Since leaving India this is something I have prayed for and asked God to gently move girls from a life of violence and hunger into this loving Christian home for orphans/run aways.  Yesterday I saw for the first time the four faces of the girls now in this couple’s care. I recognized one. Don’t miss that- in all the thousands of faces we saw in that short time in Kolkata, all the little kids hands we shook, all of the “Auntie, Aunties”, all the smiles we exchanged- I recognized one of the four girls in this home. I serve one awesome, praise worthy God.

Photo belongs to Graham Hill of IMB

While in Kolkata, we had the joy of working in a slum school.  Below are a few photos of us with this sweet little girl. Thanking God today that He has provided for her- physically, spiritually, & emotionally- She is hearing she is a daughter of the one true God and He loves her so much. Praying that her little heart knows and understands Jesus as her Savior.

This is her in red with Jordan.

 Now there is no confirmation that this is the same girl, but we have 4 girls from the team agreeing it has to be. We all had the same reaction when we saw the picture. There is a chance it is not, but I enjoy celebrating a God that could do this and I pray did. We are convinced and know that our God is completely able for this to be the same girl. You don’t easily forget a smile like hers. Praying this is her and that she is one of these four dearly loved girls in the home.

As if my heart wasn’t already aching to go back.

**If you are interested in supporting this ministry, contact the IMB and request info on how to give to the boys/girls home in Kolkata, India.


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