“Good Morning Glory”

Forewarning: Mom- this is gonna make you cry. Love you same!

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my family. One of my favorite things about my family is the history of musical talents, musical productions, and singing songs together. There isn’t a family gathering I can remember that didn’t include playing the piano, all the cousins putting on a production to Beauty & the Beast, my grandparents singing in the church choir, our own luau to the Beach Boys, or singing my favorite songs with my sweet Granddaddy. I remember every time I would visit my grandparents, one of two things would happen. 1) Granddaddy would come up stairs pretending to be playing a bugle  or 2) He would wait for you to come downstairs after smelling Granny’s bacon and then announce your entrance to “Good Morning Glory”.

Now as I went off to college, I would sing this for a variety of roommates, house guests, etc and ALWAYS give credit to my Granddaddy for being so clever and making this song up. I never could remember all the words but my friends always got the picture. Last week in a family email, I was accidentally told that after 23 years of believing the rights belong to my granddaddy, this song was actually from a 1933 film “Morning Glory”. Well… even though I know where it REALLY came from, I will still give my Granddaddy all the credit. He gave me the love of music, old films, and singing with those you love.

 He made every morning good.

So thankful for the family God blessed me with and that I will get to sing “Good Morning Glory” with my Granddaddy forever. Wish I could squeeze everyone in my family right now! Hope you enjoy “Good Morning Glory”.

my favorite picture of my grandparents


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