Spartanburg Mission Trip

Last week I went on one of the final events I will have working with the middle school ministry. We took 60 students and adults to Spartanburg, SC to serve that community for a week. The mission trip is primarily to pull the students away, provide opportunities for service, ask tough questions, and promote growth in all areas of their lives. 

The students now know that soon I will be leaving Charleston to move to Raleigh, NC. I am glad they have heard and know the process of me listening to the Lord and His calling and not simply following my own desires. Although I am excited more and more everyday about the move, I am also sad over the loss of years I will have with these students. Over the past 2 years I have come to know and love each of them. I am sad I won’t see their high school experience or going off to college, but I am excited to watch from a distance and catch up on my visits to Charleston! These girls are more a part of my life and heart than they could ever know.

On Friday night, the last night of the mission trip, we had our final meeting and time of worship. It struck me that this would be the final time worshipping with these students and I started tearing up. Then as we began to sing Our God is Greater, my sweet Savior spoke to me. In an overwhelming fashion, I realized and clung to the hope that I will get to worship for eternity with these students. I pray for their hearts and that God would draw each of them to Himself and radically change their lives. I pray that the power of the cross and the reality of what Christ did for each of them will forever change them. I can’t wait to worship our awesome God in Heaven forever. As much as I am trusting God with my life, future, and move to Raleigh, I am trusting Him even more with these students lives, futures, and eternities. Thankful this ministry doesn’t depend on me, only that I was simply used for a short time. Grateful.  

{Just a few snapshots of the week}




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