K + J (John)

Kendall & John’s date night 4.4.12 was one of the happiest days yet. It was that night that dear sweet John (aka Mr. Darcy) got down on one knee and asked for my sweet friend’s hand in marriage. I couldn’t be more thrilled! True and utter joy it has been to watch them meet, date, fall in love, and now… engaged! She got a “rock on a dock”.

depicts both of them perfectly.

I have known Kendall for over a decade after we met in a very unconventional way. She was a good friend to me even before I knew her name. She has the biggest and most compassionate heart I have ever met. We have seen each other through some tough stuff but above all we have seen each other’s walls come down and accept Christ as our Savior. What a joy to watch a friendship go from surface, high school social friends, to  deep and compelling sisters in Christ. Now for an embarrassing photo from the past Kenny- thankful facebook wasn’t around to get the beginning of our friendship!

 Now, Johnny. Sweet Johnny. Not many people enter our house with as much fancy talkin or swagger like this man. The Lord by far surpassed any expectations I could have set for the man that would marry my best friend. I couldn’t be more confident in the man that he is and his love for the Lord first and Kendall second. Even before they started dating, we had already formed a “team john” that was rootin for this one to be the one the Lord would choose as Kendall’s groom. Pretty insightful (and opinionated) friends you might say. It was so special for Alex and I to go with him to pick out the ring, lie for WEEKS, and lie some more (John is just too honest- not a bad trait but definitely makes pulling off a proposal a challenge!). All time favorite picture of K + J and one of the first pictures of their courtship…. priceless.

The day had come and Alex and I were FREAKING out to say the least. We were giddy, squirmy, nervous, and all out gah gah over what was about to happen. I do not think I have ever been so anxious in my life. My heart was beating out of my chest as I hid behind palm trees, trash cans, and eventually face planted in the sand all for my sweet friend! haha. It truly was a joy to capture the day with Alex and Gena.

Kendall Caroline- Oh how sweet the past 10 years have been, but the past few weeks have been even sweeter! So proud to stand next to you as you marry your best friend and loving every minute of it! You and John are such a testament of God’s love and the life He calls us to live. I can’t wait to see how He uses yall to bring Him glory through your marriage. The example yall set of loving Christ first, then eachother, then the world is evident to everyone you meet. So thankful to be your friend and to see the Lord working in you. Team K & J all the way!



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