{Lately in Life}

Wow, it has been some time since I have written a post about life. Not because interesting things haven’t happened (life never stops), not because there hasn’t been anything inspiring hit the surface of my eyes, but purely because this past month has been busier than the past three years. Over the past few weeks there has been so much going on, it was so exciting but also a long stretch non stop goodness.  Just a preview of the posts to come- the past few weeks have been filled with:

 1) NeedtoBreathe Concert

what an excellent photo booth fundraiser.

2) Girls Spring Retreat

Truly blessed by this weekend- can't wait to post on all what the Lord did in my heart.

3) Etsy Orders

love making orders for all occasions- it has been a busy month! Click the picture for more info or on the shop tab.

4) Weddings with CCD

No secret that I am just smitten by this team. Love the weekends that I get to spend with them! Pop over and check out their amazing, one of a kind work.

5) Family Time

love having my dad home for Easter!

oh I love my momma- rockin our skinnies and wedges!

6) Cooper River Bridge Run

i luh muh bes frand. What an experience that i am SO glad we did!

It has been a full few weeks leaving my heart overflowing with the many blessings from my sweet Savior. The truth is I deserved death- anything else is a gift. Loving the life God has blessed me with. Now- time to go soak up some good ole sunshine. 🙂


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