Oh Happy Spring!

Saturday in Charleston and spring has officially arrived. I am eagerly typing this post to immediately pounce into the sunshine. Woke up today and it just felt like spring. The hood of my car and my allergies definitely said spring arrived last week, but today spring was all-encompassing in the air, little girls in tutus, blooming trees, and just a joy exuding from the people around me. Time to get out of the winter funk, and jump into the joy that spring brings. There are so many things that make my heart happy. To top off a day of utter goodness, here are the things that make me giddy, all out kickin my heels over.

via pickyourpallete.blogspot.com

I love Izze drinks. Simple joy (except when one erupts on me in Barnes & Noble in front of a handsome fella.. fun day!).

via silentfears.tumblr.com

What a sweet, sweet promise. Clinging tight to this.

via ohsobeautifulpaper.com

I love good paper. Swoon worthy.

Crazy Mouse. Any kind of ride brings me so much joy.

via worldcommunitycookbook.org

My love for corn is no secret. This is the best kind. The kind you got to work for a little, but so worth it once the work is done!


Wedges are the only heels that I get along with. Plus, this color combo is killer.

via cocopearl.blogspot.com

I love organization. I love folders, binders, tabs, and labels. This makes me want to clean out.. pronto.

Tubing in Helen/ any road trip with my bes frand Al. Sweet little German town in the mountains of GA.

via acreativemint.typepad.com

Oh flowers. I am not a girl that loves a dozen roses, but I will go weak in the knees for these. Spring flowers that look fresh from the garden (clearly not my garden- I manage to kill even the mulch).

via elmstreetlife.com

DIY projects. Can’t wait to try this little guy.

via thepioneerwoman.com

Cowboy boots. Tis the season that brings much joy. A sundress and these little things make my heart so happy.

Laughing with my mom and sister. Simply the best.

My girls. Treasure the time I have with these sweet 8th graders. Such a joy to see the Lord work in them.

via beautifulbeloved.tumblr.com

Striving to have my bible looking like this. The word brings so much joy, hope, peace, encouragement, strength, etc…

India. My heart is filled with so much joy from this sweet place on Earth. Daily I think about those faces. Praying that I never forget how they touched my heart and that I get to go back!

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Happy Spring Y’all!





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