Take Me Back to Timeless

I’m afraid to say that daily I am reminded that I was born in the wrong decade. My appreciation and love for old hollywood, classic movies, impeccable style, and unaltered music runs deep. Selfishly I would love to have been raised in the 40s and hit the 50s in my prime.  Thankfully I was raised by a family that loved the classics. Growing up I remember watching Shirley Temple and Doris Day movies on Sundays with my mom and hearing my Granny & Grandaddy singing Bing. My love for this time period started early and boy am I glad. The dancing, clothes, & movies is enough to make me stop and swoon.  So instead of basking in the modern techno driven, wanna be hipsterness of today, I choose to bask in the days of old. The good ole days.

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I would love to start my day feeling like Rita Haysworth & Fred Astaire. Maybe I should warn the roommates if I start singing & dancing (aka they hear shrieks and loud thuds) in the morning it is because it’s a Rita Fred day.

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       And people think that swag is a new concept. I dare to differ. I would say this young man invented it. King Carey Grant Swag if you will.

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Rock Hudson and this little lady below in one of my all time favorites “Pillow Talk”.  

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  Doris Day. Classic girl next door. Just waiting for someone to bring this outfit back now.

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Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis

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Grace Kelly, Grace Kelly.

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Lucille Ball. Her name already eludes to someone who fun. What a hoot.

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 Everybody loves a good Shirley Temple. I need to find out how you can get a drink named after you. No shame in ordering a Shirley.

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In one of my all time favorite movies, Fred Astaire & Marjorie Reynolds. I’d wear that dress in a heartbeat. Gimme.

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Bing Crosby. Definitely in my top 5 of Hollywood’s classic leading men. What a triple threat of talent.

Now I am ready to go back home, pop in a classic, and reminisce this timeless decade. The Pandora station will have to do for now.



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