Ode to the Bridesmaids Dress

I have already been in my fair share of weddings (loving every minute) but there always seems to be a little panic over the bridesmaids dresses. Whether it is costs, look, or variety of body shapes, someone is freaking out! Fortunately the weddings I have been in the panic wasn’t over my dress, but I felt the pain of others. Although the day is {all about the bride}, the bridesmaids dresses are one of the biggest reflections of a bride’s taste & style. As for me and my maids, I want people to think the girls look great, I want the girls to feel great, and I want pretty pictures. Too much to ask for? Perhaps. I have seen some pretty stellar options lately though.

from iloveswmag.com

 I love the neutral color. I am also a fan of letting the bridesmaid pick what style will look best on them.

from iloveswmag.com

Lions and tigers and stripes… oh myyyy! I love these dresses.

from sohomode.blogspot.com

I love the vintage look of a bridesmaid dress. Perfect for a country wedding. Not to mention, these little fancy things are so cheap! Keeping the bridesmaids happy.  

from instyle.com

 Now if I was getting married today… best frands, this would be your dress. I mean, can you say gimme? Gimme gimme.


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