Beaut of a Bout

After working weddings, it never gets old to watch the groomsmen. There is always the one that does everything you ask, the one that tries all the lines in the book, the late one, and the one that just doesn’t understand wedding details (okay, let’s be serious- that’s all of them). The boutonierre is one area I always notice at a wedding. Getting that balance of creativity, design, classic but still masculine is a hard thing to accomplish. These are the bouts that have caught my eye lately.


 I love the simplicity of this one. Perfect for the oh so dreamy country wedding. I would possibly throw a little green in there but would take it as is too!

from Calder Clark Designs

 The design and placement of the cigar wrapper… je heart.

from pinterest

 I absolutely love cotton being used throughout a wedding. This boutonierre is rustic but still very soft. Gimme x 10.

from Calder Clark Designs

 The wire wrapper around the bout is the perfect touch to a very busy flower.

Clearly I am all about the classics. Not into the crafty lookin bouts. Just give me a good flower combo, creative wrap, and let’s call it a day!


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