Bedroom Makeover- Under $150

After graduating college I wanted to retire all my dorm belongings and decorate a  “big girl” room. In all honesty, I think my big girl room was more freeing than my diploma (cheaper too). I am a big fan of a good find. My sister, Em is much better at this. Post to come very soon about how cool she is. But one day I was feeling frisky and went shopping a goodwill. Boy did I hit the mother load. Sad I do not have any before pictures, but just picture anything you have seen in Walmart or Target around August with all the generic dorm room displays. That was my room. Here it is now!

Orange Mirror- $10 GW, White Desk-$6 GW, Books under lamp-$2 GW, Wicker Tray- $3 Dollar General, Stool- $5 Antique Show, Fabric- Free! Scraps

The lamp I already owned was a little too short for the rest of the room, so I found 2 of these books at GW and the Charleston book my sweet momma gave me

The white desk I found at GW. It was originally listed for $8 but if you buy and take with you right away you get a discount... boom, $6! Added the curtain on the front with a spring rod- $2 rod, free fabric scraps. The stool my mom gave me from an antique show. She bought for $5 and I upholstered it with scrap fabric.

Found this white and green pillow at GW for $4. It had a few stains that I was able to spot clean. Already owned the yellow pillow from Target!

Found this lamp at the thrift store at my Granny's Villa, little retro but went with the room and color scheme. $16

Because of the space of the room, I did not have room for bedside tables. Instead, used these white shelves from Walmart. Easy to assemble and allowed more room to display other trinkets. $10 x 2= $20 for bedside tables

One of my favorite parts of the room. Found these 3 shelves at Target for $15 as well as the green star for $1. Bought the John Deer can in NYC from a GW for $2. Everything else I owned and just placed together!

The green suitcase I bought at a Habitat for Humanity restore for $7. The table is made from a wooden barrel... someone was crazy and threw it out on the road= free! Twigs= free. Painting $4.

Like I mentioned my sister is great a finding deals. She found this frame at an antique barn in Mt. Pleasant for $3. It was a dark color but I love the designs so I painted it orange so it would show up more!. All of the crosses I already had and the freedom sign was from my best friends wedding (sweet bridesmaid gift!).

Close up of the paisley design- je heart.

Love it. The curtains were scrap fabric as well= free. Spring rod $2 and liquid stitch to make curtains.

Found the white down comforter at Target on sale for $20 and the green comforter at Walmart for $10. The poppy painting at Walmart for $8.

 Total= $140 (and some change)

It was super easy and now these is a bedroom I can love throughout my 20s. Or until I get bored and lovin a new color scheme. At least I know how cheap it can be done! Anything can be new with some spray paint.


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