A Montevallo Monday

Although I am incredibly excited about T Swift’s new album coming out today… I have to admit I might be even more excited about this fella’s album. If I have to choose one to purchase, his is a no brainer. Do yourself a favor and go purchase the album. Seriously, the whole thing. I’m not one to commit to a whole album. Needtobreathe might be the only artist I have several complete albums of. But I could either buy this album all in one swoop or individually buy each track, either way every song is legit. Maybe listen to track 10 on repeat.


Every morning as we drive to work (yes I get to carpool with my best friend.. life is sweet), we listen to the Bobby Bones show. We loved Bobby to start with, but then he brought Sam on last week. Let’s just say Bobby has a total bro crush on Sam. He loves him. And you should love him too.






DIY Place Cards for Practically Pennies

This week Alex and I hosted a supper club at our house! It was such a sweet time of meaningful convos, laughs that make your stomach hurt, and food that was for the most part delicious (see more on these whoops below). 

The part I was most excited about were the place cards. They were nothing super inventive or at all original, but they were easy, cheap, and black & gold #mylovelanguage. I bought a black white and gold neck pillow for a trip I am going on, and as I stood in a room filled with black, white & gold, my sweet roommate smiled a little smirk and said “looks just like you”. Ain’t she sweet to notice. 

We found the black & gold tags in the dollar section at Target – 8 for a dollar… can’t beat that! Not to mention it came with a black & white ribbon… it was meant to be. And then the mini pumpkins were $.69 at Trader Joe’s. Place cards for a total of $.82 is a win in my book. 


Two lessons learned: – mozzerella does not melt and make queso- it will be in a block when you try and scoop it. – make sure you add sugar to your fruit dip! 


DIY Feather Art

I know absolutely nothing about art. I shamefully admit that I walked through the Vatican with no knowledge in how to appreciate some of the most famous art in the world… instead we tried to find the best statues to imitate. Shameful I know. But when looking for something to fill a frame, I knew I didn’t want a picture. I also, know that my painting skills are limited and stick figures are only cute when a child draws them. So naturally I saw the pack of unused white feathers as my next victim. I might as well deem 2014 the year of the gold dipped feather. photo 1


Yall, my sister is the best person to shop with. She has an eye for deals and design. She could seriously have her on HGTV show and I would map out my week just so I could plan to watch in amazement. I would like to say I have learned a thing or two… but all I have learned is that I will never spot the fancy finds like she does! 

While shopping with her a few weeks ago, I found okay lets be honest, she found a target frame for like $3 at the Goodwill (insert fist pump here!). She knew I would love it…she good like that. 

So here it is, gold spray painted feather in my Goodwill frame = poor white girl art. Holla! I love it and was the last simple touch that my bedside needed, but I love it even more because part of it is my sister. When I look at it I don’t think “wow I love my feather”. I get to think about how cool and thrifty my sister is and pray that she rubs off on me some more. 

PS. When taking pictures of your spray painted art… take the glass out. It will save 30 minutes of wasted effort of avoiding glares on the glass. This might have been obvious to most, but we all know I make things harder than they have to be.

photo 3

photo 4

photo 2


PS. see that bedside drawer? Tutorial coming soon on how Alex (and her entire family) and I made a real life Pinterest win (cause lets be honest… they don’t always turn into wins). 



|26 in the Mix|

As I am approaching my 26th birthday tomorrow, I looked back on pictures of birthdays past. As I looked through the memories, I can remember lessons I learned during those stages of life. Even if I didn’t realize it at the time!

Lesson #1: To get the ideal birthday picture, position yourself smack dab in the middle of a group and then prop your leg up for good measure.
Lesson #2: When planning a party, matching visors are a necessity.

Lesson #3: When choosing a party outfit, a vest is always clutch.

Lesson #4: Keep friends who agree to dress up with you and go out in public.

Lesson #5: There are places that always feel like home and people feel like family. Go there often.


Lesson #6: Learn to listen and value what your friends say.

Lesson #7: Eat cake the size of your face.


Lesson #8: Don’t start going to the tanning bed… Ever.
Lesson #8: Find friends that love you in your mess not just your best.


P.S. As I look back on birthdays from the past, I am keenly aware at how graciously my dad didn’t just share his day.. He gave it up completely! Thank you dad. I’m sorry you had lambchop themed birthday parties to celebrate your day too! I am so thankful to share Oct 4th with you!

| Get Your Fall On |

This past weekend was a Mary Poppins kind of weekend. Practically perfect in every way. 

After a very busy couple of months, this past weekend all of my favorite things collided. Long hours, full days, crisp air, pumpkin candles, and time passing movies that provided such rest. Now I can’t live every weekend like the last, mostly because I would get bored. But it was such a needed weekend of productive rest (is that event possible?!).

Fall is my absolute favorite. Every year when spring hits, the prettiest flowers start tellin me lies of how I could love another season more than fall, but the second that the temperatures drop, my neighbors light a bonfire, and country music sounds even better in the company of boots and scarves… I know… I know fall is home.

In attempts to a simple season and using things I already had, I was thrilled to only have to buy 2 $5 pumpkins and then use supplies of old that never found a home. (You know that time you buy 32 white feathers when you actually only needed one. I won’t confess what Alex said she would done if she just needed one feather!). But as if I didn’t already bleed black, white & gold… It was time to get my fall on. 





fall3Now come on and pop on by, we will drink cider and watch Hallmark (that’s the rules). 






Credits: canvas painting inspired by Lindsay Letters… LOVE her stuff!






Charleston Weekend: Living & Loving Now

Weekends like the last are some of the sweetest in life. A spontaneous trip to Charleston turned into a mini college reunion and my heart was just overjoyed. Seeing so many faces I hadn’t seen in 2 years and spending intentional time with friends that I have had that length of time in way too long, was just what this girl needed.


Our days were filled with laughter, long versions of what is going on (cause when time isn’t an issue… you need ALL the details), and heart challenging convos that leave me thinking long after our time is over.


What’s next? When are you getting engaged? When are y’all having kids? Are you staying in Charleston? Are you staying in Raleigh? How long do you want to work at ______ job? As a collective group of girls this weekend, we shared how these questions have constantly bombarded us…. probably longer than we realized and definitely longer than we hoped. Not necessarily asking each other these questions, but realizing how much of our lives have been & will continue to be in a phase of what’s next. 


There were times this weekend where people would genuinely be excited to hear about life & how its been the last few years. I love those times. Other times where I felt the need to justify, make up, or ask their opinion on what I should be doing when I felt like my answers just couldn’t satisfy their quest to figure us out. Those times I love less but at least they care to ask. And then the best of times where the friends you wish you could hug everyday, squeal when they see you, rejoice in seasons of joy & mourn in seasons that you wouldn’t choose…. those are the friends that stick. Not because they make it easy. Honestly, sometimes their questions are the hardest and their approval is the most desired, but in the end you love each other through the mess, the questions & the trials of the “what now” not necessarily consuming conversations of “what’s next”. 


I left this weekend with not only more insight to my friend’s hearts, but also lessons learned from the seasons they are in. From the realities of dating, the lessons of marriage, inconceivable futures, job searching, moves across town & some times states… all of the seasons we are in challenged my own heart.

Instead of asking people the what’s next, I think sometimes throwing in a “what do you love right now?” would throw us off and sometimes instantly change our perspective. I don’t believe I have good perspective on my own… I believe that only comes from the Lord because my nature is to see the bad or the times I am not getting my way. But I do think the effort of practicing to see good perspective comes with choosing to think on those things.

I LOVE right now because: 

  • living with 11 housemates 
  • working with people I love and a great boss (most of America can’t say that one… I know I have a good thing where I am at) 
  • a nephew to adore… (fingers crossed I hear my name or some version of it soon…but i love the season he is in now) 

I have no idea what’s next. And I LOVE that. 


|Watching the Earth Melt|

Who am I, that He would choose to use me?

Some days, in my pride I think He is lucky. Other days, I think that He is being paid by someone to put up with me. But everyday I have to remind myself that neither are true. He chose me once and for all and with that act of love and redemption to my helpless state, He continues to choose me despite how good or not so good I’m actin that day.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be used by God. I don’t deserve it. He doesn’t need me. But I am so glad He delights in our giftings and calls us according to His plan and purpose to bring His name to all nations.

This coming November, I get the joy of going to Thailand with a group of women. I would humbly ask for your prayers for this trip. I am completely thrilled to be a part of this spunky, all-female team. My first experience going on a short term trip was with an all-female trip. There is something special and deeply profound in the relationships that can be formed when you are with a group of just women. God has used every trip to open my eyes bigger to Him and every experience I am thankful for, whether all female trips or co-ed, He has used to break down misbeliefs in my own heart and show me more of Him. But I am tickled to death that He put this desire in my heart to see a group of women go and serve women in another culture.

What will we be doing? 

Simply put….we are going to encourage local field partners as they are faithfully answering the call of God to serve where He has placed them. At the same time, seeing more and more how the one true God continually pursues His people, whether we are in Thailand or in the states. Thats it! That is our goal. This trip is not about us. We are going to love our brothers and sisters that are serving in a context that is much different than our own.

Their ministry consists of showing the love of Christ to the women, men and children in Thailand, specifically in the red light district. Where we are going is one of the most strategic places in the world for this type of ministry. No country is immune to the sex industry. No person is immune to the temptations of the industry. And those trapped in the district whether the entrapment is obvious or not, is a precious child of God. Their condition is no different than mine. Their hearts are no further from God than mine was when He called me to Himself. But we have the truth that no life is fulfilling outside the love of Christ. This is the message we are bringing. The hope of Christ.

Christ in us is all we have to offer.
     “The nations rage, the kingdoms totter; He utters His voice,                                              the Earth melts.”                                                                                                               – Psalm 46:6
thailand 2

Will you join us in praying?

  • Pray for wisdom as we ask God what His plans are for this trip 
  • Pray for team unity & for deep and authentic relationships to form 
  • Pray for the field partners- that they would see fruit in their faithfulness and feel the love of Christ poured out over them 
  • Most of all- pray for heart change not necessarily condition change. We are not going with the goal of removing them from the district. We are going with the prayer that the Spirit will move their hearts from death to life. 
  • Pray for the logistics and funding, that each team member will trust God through the process and that He will break down areas where we are leaning on ourselves and not Him. 

I look forward in eager anticipation of getting to share what we witness God doing in the lives of the women & children that we meet during our time. Thank you for being a part of this trip by being faithful and covering us every step of the way through prayer. 






[If you would like to prayerfully consider helping fundraise this trip, I am halfway to meeting my Sept 5th deadline of 75% of the trip! You can either make your tax deductible donation online or through the good ol snail mail. Click here to give online . When you get into the online giving site, while completing the information, be sure to include in the “other, please explain” section that it is for “Thailand 2- Jillian Boland” . If you would like to give through the mail, you can mail a check made out to The Summit Church with a note attached that states the amount given is for “Thailand 2- Jillian Boland”. Thank you for considering be a part of this trip and helping the Gospel go forth.]

Questioning effectiveness? Doubtful you can go? Concerned about money? Here is a great blog post from our Pastor J.D. that brings clarity to the importance of short term trips & what that means for each believer.